Gyris Wiki


This document is in a very early WIP and ideation stage. Expect most of the content including mechanics and their descriptions to change as they go through iterations.

Game design brief[]


A massively multiplayer social role playing game.

  • Fantasy setting - Profound lore
  • Third person view
  • Sandbox > Themepark
  • Horizontal > Vertical progression
  • Different play styles
  • Realistic and hardcore elements
  • Mainly PvE w opt-in PvP

Core gameplay mechanics[]

  • Community Development (see below)
  • PVE & PVP combat
  • Minigames, both Social and Competitive
  • Businesses, politics and campaigns
  • Career and Character skills development
  • Questing, exploration and recreation

The Elevator Pitch[]

Own and develop land in a vast and beautiful fantasy world; develop communities and villages in a truly collaborative experience; forage, mine and farm for resources to consume and trade; forge alliances in peace and make enemies in war; wager while you race and game with the myriad of animals and creatures of Gyris against friends and foes, and so much more.

What sets this project apart?[]

  • Depth of lore and IP
  • Heavy social aspect
  • Allow true ownership and freedom over in-game assets
  • Ownership of shares in businesses, organizations and real estate
  • Sandbox elements and horizontal progression
  • Caters to different types of players
  • Possibility to have an impact on the game world as a player
  • User made content

Core Values[]

Gyris will maintain the following Core Values to attract and maintain players with similar values, as we believe this will create the best overall experience as the game scales and develops. This does not mean that the game won’t still include elements of the items on the right of this list; but only that we value the items on the left more.

  • We value Immersive Storytelling over endless dungeon crawling
  • We value Meaningful Social Interactions over Single-Player experiences
  • We value Engaging Sessions of Gameplay over constant grinding
  • We value Rewarding Player’s Achievements over “Pay-To-Win” mechanics
  • We value Unique and Asymmetric Character Classes over re-skinned avatars
  • We value Contributing to your Community over leveling-up yourself


Taking the juicy bits from some of our favorite games and combining it into an experimental new MMORPG experience:

Some of the good classical MMORPG features of WoW, Guild Wars 2 and the likes.

  • Story and quests
  • Complex skill tree and character development
  • Dungeons

EVE Online

  • Complex economy
  • Large scale wars and campaigns
  • Businesses and Guilds
  • Serious community
  • No holding hands

Red Dead Redemption Online

  • Freedom and identity in an open world
  • Laid back gameplay options
  • Sandbox
  • Small jobs and lots of minigames

Second Life

  • Role play
  • Feeling of a second Virtual life
  • Ownership and real world value

Dark souls

  • Slow and hardcore combat, with pronounced and realistic animations
  • Beautiful world and creatures
  • Atmosphere


  • Some of the convenience features sacrificed for long term quality of user’s experience
  • No dungeon finder - We want you to go knock on all the doors of your village to find potential buddies for your next cave run
  • Fast travel is a rare luxury

Game design detailed[]

Community Development[]

Community Development is the Capstone mechanic in Gyris that sets it apart from other MMORPG’s and provides an innovative gameplay experience, leveraging Web3 while still putting engaging gameplay front and center.  The Community Development cycle works as follows:

  • Players level up their characters, through quests and minigames
  • Leveling up Characters enhances your ability to gather resources and develop your plot (or plots) of land
  • Developing your plot of land contributes to the prosperity of your Village
  • The overall prosperity of your Village, based on the aggregate achievement of the whole community of players in the village, enhances your Characters abilities and leveling potential

Players have ownership through NFTs over playable characters and developed plots of land, however the village only exists in the game. This creates a unique incentive system:

  • Players are incentivised to contribute to their community and village in order to confer the greatest amount of value back to their NFTs on secondary markets
  • Existing players and potential new players are incentivised to buy/trade their way into the villages that are most prosperous

Different styles of gameplay[]

Gyris will deliver experiences for different types of players.

The Homesteader

Some players just want to enjoy the little things that give them joy. Activities that fall under that categories include: Farming, Building, Fishing, Gathering, Crafting and time with your family.

The Explorer

After the connection of our first land release of 1500m2, Gyris will already be the 5th largest open world MMORPG in the world. This makes it the perfect place to explore, forage for loot and resources, stumble upon never seen before terrain, soak in mesmerizing views and collectively uncover the secrets of Gyris. Hints that refer to the films will be well-hidden but available to those who seek them.

The Competitor

Competition is what drives gamers. Besting another player is what drives them and satisfies their competitive nature. We want to open different avenues for competition.

Mechanical competition: People can participate in various racing, fighting and casual minigames and tournaments where your skill and knowledge of the minigame mechanics will determine your chances of success.

Resource accumulation: Breed the Gyris animalia to raise and sell to others. Employ others and build business utilizing the $GYRIS currency. Develop your village and receive equity in profit-making activities.

Power and Control competition: Villages will compete in campaigns seeking upgrades to shared facilities. Later features will include battles for territorial control between villages and regions.  

The Socialite

After a day of adventuring, grab a drink and dance at the tavern with your mates or challenge them to one of the many casual games for fun or for funds!

The Hunters and the Fighters

Catch wild and rare animalia. Challenge the toughest guy from the village next door.

Role of Web3[]

We are combining Web3 features with a traditional genre in a way that will create fun experiences even for those who may not have the highest level character. We embrace the desire for players to trade in-game currency and characters for real world value, instead of prohibiting it, we help facilitate it in a safe and controlled environment while taxing it appropriately. We allow true ownership and control over in-game assets. People will be able to develop their characters and then rent or sell them.

Instead the power and economical imbalance will be the gameplay facilitator. We’ll embrace whales who want to Pay 2 Flex and will create an opportunity for players to provide those whales services which they’ll receive a reward from them.

Features include:

  • A spending wallet created for all accounts to accumulate rewards
    • Deposit and withdraw assets to/from your spending wallet
    • Web3Manager WebApp - webpage for handling all your blockchain transactions triggered in-game.
    • Linking and scanning of multiple external wallets for frictionless asset ownership verification
  • Ecosystem marketplace to buy, sell and trade, characters, skins, upgrades using $GYRIS token
  • NFT renting mechanism
  • Never-before-seen village planning, land mechanics and ownership

Social aspect[]

Players will have the freedom of forming groups, guilds, organizations, businesses and governments.

Creation of those will be possible with the in-game UI. They’ll be able to cooperate and act as a legal entity. You can own shares of businesses and organizations, which can have their own treasuries. Governments can control territories, decide how to advance their village and which structures to build.


We want people and organizations to service other players for actions with $GYRIS token. We want to open doors for free2play users, they however will have lower social status and power than other players that have a stake in the game. However, manpower is in high demand, and whales are willing to pay other players to contribute to their goals.


Free2Play by default. Can’t buy progress from the game, only from other players.

Revenue streams

  • NFT drops
  • NFT Royalties
  • Supporter packs
  • Taxation of in game transactions using $Gyris token
  • Taxation of in game wagering on minigames
  • Microtransactions ( untradable, priced in local currency, purchasable with $Gyris )
    • Tattoos
    • Weapon carvings
    • Skins
    • Emotes ( dance , wave , taunt… )
    • Victory animations for minigames
    • Cosmetic donations to settlements
    • Fast travel scroll
    • Shared group experience/morale/loot buffs

Complementary NFT Sets[]

The characters of Gyris have unique, asymmetric abilities, that also complement one-another. This creates incentive for players to collect a set of different Character types to enable certain action in-game. For example, Bura can only trade with other Bura directly in their local village. However by adding a Mara to their collection, players can use their Bura character to trade with neighboring Bura villages.

Handling Multiple NFTs[]

Players with multiple NFTs have the option to rent out their excess NFTs and collect a portion of the earned in-game rewards of that NFT as it is used in the game.

Players will also have the option of assigning “Tasks” to their playable character. Characters assigned tasks will be removed from the server and become unavailable for the duration of the Task, after which they will be available to play again and the player will receive the resources for the task. Resources earned through tasking are earned at a lower rate than through performing the same action in the game. For example, it may take a player one hour to collect a certain amount of wood by playing the game, or the player could assign their character to a Collect Wood task that will take 12 hours to obtain the same amount of resource.

Overview of content and mechanics[]

  • Farming & Developing land
    • Gather resources to build out structures within your land
    • Prioritize and select amenities to develop on your land
    • Structures decay and require materials for upkeep
  • Development of skills
    • Develop skills by doing corresponding actions
    • Increase efficiency of actions
    • Unlock buildings, combat moves or abilities
  • Career and occupation
    • Military
    • Politics
    • Martial arts
  • Foraging and crafting
    • Tiers of craftable items
    • Higher tiers requiring higher level of crafting skills
    • RNG to determine item quality for advanced crafting
  • Profitable Exploration
    • Random encounters
    • Scouting and mapping
    • Discovery of caves, resource nodes or other areas of significance
  • Businesses and economy
    • Ability to raise investment and own shares of businesses
    • Players dependent on other participants of the economy to provide services
    • Gyris token to be used as a medium of exchange between players
  • Politics and government
    • Election of governments
    • Diplomacy
    • Strategy
  • Military, campaigns and wars
    • Army service
  • Territorial control for resource nodes
    • Settlements can gain or lose access to resource nodes
    • Control over resources can be obtained by force or trade
  • Guilds & Organizations
    • Guild membership, rank and contribution system
    • Ability to have guild owned structures and treasury
  • Legal contracts and jobs
    • Ability to create legal contracts with other entities
    • Deadlines and rules of completion
  • Entertainment and recreation
    • Organized parties
    • Group rituals
    • Dancing and drinking in the tavern
  • User made content
    • 3D models and sculptures
    • Dialogue trees
    • Textures, paintings, carving and tattoos